meet the team

matthew  Matthew Whitby (group leader)

Matthew is a Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Oxford. He obtained his first degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Exeter and a Ph.D. in Genetics at the University of Nottingham. After post-doctoral work with Bob Lloyd at the University of Nottingham, studying homologous recombination in bacteria, Matthew moved to Oxford to set up his own lab studying the molecular mechanisms of homologous recombination in eukaryotes. He has held Research Fellowships from both the Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust, and is currently Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Biochemistry and co-Director of the Wellcome Trust PhD programme in Chromosome and Developmental Biology.

Carl Morrow  Carl Morrow (post-doc)

Carl has a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Queensland. A seasoned member of our lab, Carl is driving various projects investigating replication restart and non-canonical fork convergence.

Christos Andreadis  Christos Andreadis (post-doc)

Christos has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, and a Master’s and Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine from the University of Crete. He is investigating the interplay between different pathways of recombination-dependent replication.

Anja Bitterwolf  Anja Bitterwolf (D.Phil. student)

Anja has a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from University College London. She is using a genome-wide screen to identify novel factors that affect replication restart efficiency and fidelity.

Linda Xu  Linda Xu (D.Phil. student)

Linda has a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from McGill University. She is investigating break induced replication in fission yeast.

Bushra Bushra Senin (D.Phil. student)

Bushra has a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences (Molecular Biology) from The University of Edinburgh. As a DPhil student, she aims to identfiy new proteins involved in recombination-dependent replication (RDR) using SATAY (saturated transposon analysis in yeast) screening in fission yeast. She is also working on the RuvB-like proteins, Rvb1 and Rvb2, to understand their role in recombination.

IMG_0719 Kezia Taylor (undergraduate student)

Kezia is studying for a M.Biochem degree. She is investigating break induced replication in fission yeast.

IMG_0752 Sophie Sheldon (medical student)

Sophie is investigating how over-replication causes genomic rearrangements.


Lab alumni (current or most recent position)

Yassine Laksir (MSc student 2021-22) – CRUK-funded PhD student (University of Aberdeen)

Alex Jia (summer student 2022)

Arron Shaw (undergraduate student 2021-22)

Anastasiya Kishkevich (post-doc 2018-21) – Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Imperial College London)

Judith Oehler (post-doc 2017-20) – Technical writer (Sensile Medical AG, Switzerland)

Elena Bulmaga (undergraduate student 2019-20)

Patrick Collins (undergraduate student 2019-20)

Sophie Schafhauser (MSc student 2018-19)

Willow Rolls (summer student 2019)

Josephine Pepper (undergraduate student 2018-19) – Trainee patent attorney (IP Asset)

Sanjeeta Tamang (D.Phil. student 2014-18) – Post-doc (University of Bangor)

Nadiya Ishnazarova (D.Phil. student 2014-18) – Consultant (Oliver Wyman)

Fiona Cook (summer student 2017 and Part II student 2017-2018)

Bramman Rajkumar (summer student 2017)

Eloise Claude (Erasmus student 2017)

Stephen Pilley (undergraduate student 2016-17)  – PhD student (Francis Crick Institute)

Wai Lam Ng (undergraduate student 2016-17)

Justine Pasanisi (intern 2016-17)

Carl Morrow (post-doc 2013-16) – Post-doc (University of Oxford)

Manisha Jalan (D.Phil. student 2012-16) – Post-doc (Sloan Kettering Institute, New York)

Fikret Osman (post-doc 2001-16)

Costas Tsiappourdhi (undergraduate student 2015-16) – Account Manager (Brainlabs)

Io Nam Wong (post-doc 2013-15) – Assistant Professor (Medical School of Macau, University of Science and Technology)

Kelly Lau (Princeton exchange student 2015)

Andrew Fower (research technician 2014-15) – research technician (University of Oxford)

Minzhe Tang (summer student 2015)

Felix Kirsten (Erasmus student 2014-15)

Jacqueline Neo (D.Phil. student 2011-15) – Post-doctoral Research Scientist (DSO National Laboratories, Singapore)

Michael Nguyen (D.Phil. student 2011-14) – Medical Doctor (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York)

Rachel Anderson (summer student 2014)

Andra Necula (BBSRC rotation student 2014)

Claire Bryer (research technician 2011-14) – CRUK Genomics Scientist (University of Birmingham)

Camille Lemey (Erasmus student 2013-14)

Eleanor Hanson (undergraduate student 2013-14)

Joe Park (Princeton exchange student 2013)

Deepa Joseph (intern 2013)

Brittany Ulloa (MHIRT summer student 2013)

Victoria Wang (summer student 2013)

Rachael Barton (undergraduate student 2012-13) – PhD student (University of Edinburgh)

Alexander Lorenz (post-doc 2005-13) – Lecturer and Group leader (University of Aberdeen)

Laura Feeney (summer and Part II student 2012-13) – Post-doc (Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute, New York)

Alize Mehats (Erasmus student 2012-13)

Roland Steinacher (post-doc 2008-12) – Administrator (Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel)

Sonali Bhattacharjee (D.Phil. student 2008-12) – Post-doc (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York)

Elizabeth Murray (summer student 2012)

Zsofia Novak (diploma student 2009 and Wellcome Trust rotation student 2011) – Post-doc (University of Oxford)

Sharon Ruane (Wellcome Trust rotation student 2010-11)

Saikat Nandi (D.Phil. student 2007-11) – NCI Cancer Discovery Fellow (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York)

Vincent Mason (research technician 2008-10)

Sevil Sofueva (Oxford-Scripps D.Phil. student 2005-10) – Consultant (L.E.K. Consulting)

Weili Sun (D.Phil. student 2005-10) – Post-doctoral Research Fellow (Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Shenzhen University, China)

Jasmin Witzki (intern funded by EU Leonardo-da-Vinci Programme 2009)

Jennifer Vinson (MHIRT summer student 2008)

Jong Sook Ahn (D.Phil. student and post-doc 2001-07) – Post-doctoral Research Scientist (Astex Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge)

Julie Dixon (research technician 1996-07) – School Laboratory Technician (Oxfordshire)

James Halstead (summer student 2007) – Senior Post-doctoral Fellow (EMBL Australia, Sydney)

Jovana Jakovleska (summer student 2007)

Louise Gaskell (D.Phil. student 2002-06)

Daniel Sheedy (research technician 2005)

Sandra Alavrez (MHIRT summer student 2005)

Izza Jahari (D.Phil. student 2000-05) – Co-founder and Director of Neopeutics Inc.

Alexis Barr (summer student 2004) – CRUK Career Development Fellow (Imperial College London)

Claudette Doe (post-doc 1998-04)

Ricarda Hilf (summer student 2001)

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